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Post Acute Neonatal Care

Blythedale has a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for infants coming for intensive rehabilitation following Neonatal Intensive Care stays. With a staff of full-time neonatologists overseeing the care our infants, and the addition of neonatal fellows, Blythedale continues to push the boundaries of what post-acute neonatal care can provide to medically fragile infants.

Why Blythedale…

Blythedale has invested in the most modern respiratory support technology including critical care ventilators, portable ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP, bubble CPAP and high flow nasal cannula in order to transition infants as quickly as possible from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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A Journey of Hope

"No family ever expects to be in this situation. You just don't think it can happen to you." Did you know 45% of our patients are under the age of one? Follow the extraordinary journeys of a few of Blythedale's smallest and most fragile infants, as their families prepare to bring them home... for...

Post Acute Neonatal Care Team

Blythedale’s team of neonatologists, pediatric pulmonologists, and pediatric respiratory therapists work in concert with a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapists to optimize each infant’s function to help them achieve their treatment goals.

Baby Charlie's Journey

Four-month-old Charlie was born with Ryanodine Receptor 1 Related (RYR-1) Myopathy, a rare genetic disorder that disrupts the flow of calcium in muscle cells, limiting the muscle's ability to contract. Diagnosed with low muscle tone at birth, Charlie was transferred from the NICU to Blythedale...