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Complex Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

For children recovering from multiple traumatic injuries, extensive orthopedic surgery or complex surgery, Blythedale offers a highly specialized, integrated approach to care.

Why Blythedale...

Blythedale is a center of excellence in the management of surgical devices, drains, wound care, infection prevention, nutrition optimization and pain management.

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Patients are admitted for acute medical and rehabilitative inpatient care following major trauma (such as head and spinal injuries, extensive soft tissue trauma/burns, vascular injuries, major muscle/ligament injuries, amputations or fractures), extensive scoliosis surgery, selective dorsal rhizotomy, complicated abdominal surgeries or other surgical conditions needing intensive post-acute recovery. Blythedale utilizes advanced technologies, including pressure mapping, ECUs (environmental control units), and partial body weight support systems (used to improve gait) to care for these children.

Patients are provided an individualized rehabilitation program by an interdisciplinary team including experts in pediatrics, physiatry, orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology, psychology, rehabilitation and wound care nurse, Child Life specialists and other specialties, as well as the largest and most experienced pediatric therapy department in New York State.  The goal is to help our patients recover and maximize their functional abilities and minimize disability through comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation. 

Board Certified Pediatric Physiatrists on Staff

Complex Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Team

Translating Hope & Health

Breaking Language Barriers

Elder and his family hoped to see the New York Yankees when they traveled from Dominican Republic to visit family in New York, but plans were derailed when a brain tumor caused devastating medical complications. But, with the help of intensive rehabilitation and nationally certified language translation services at Blythedale Children's Hospital--this patient and family are bouncing back by building bonds, while also breaking down barriers.