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Assistive Technology

As technology continues to advance, children with special needs are becoming increasingly more integrated into the world around them. Blythedale's comprehensive Assistive Technology program, one of only a few such programs in New York State, is opening doors for these children.

Why Blythedale...

With the largest cadre of pediatric-trained physical, occupational and speech therapists in New York State, Blythedale is well-suited to address the unique needs of children requiring assistive technology.

  • Inpatient
  • Day Hospital
  • Outpatient
  • Long Term Care

Assistive Technology expands opportunities for children with special needs to increase participation in school settings, build social interactions, and access their environments in a variety of specialized ways. 

Blythedale’s dedicated team includes Assistive Technology experts from speech language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Evaluations focus on identifying a child's strengths and needs to increase independence. The team collaborates with families and caregivers to develop individualized plans for integrating technology into their lives. Our multi-disciplinary team optimizes compatability and carryover to home and school. 

Assistive Technology enables children to function more independently in areas where they would otherwise have difficulty, need assistance, or be unable to participate. This specialized technology is beneficial to children with a wide range of medical conditions and developmental disabilities.

We offer evaluations and training services for:

  • Augmentative communication
  • Computer access and adaptations
  • Daily living technologies
  • Environmental controls
  • Positioning 
  • Wheelchairs and customized seating

Assistive Technology referrals can be made by physicians, school systems, families and through self-referral.

For more information about our program or to schedule an appointment, please contact Tracy French, Assistive Technology Coordinator at or (914) 831-2453.

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Assistive Technology Team

Navigating Nathaniel's Needs

Assistive Technology Empowers Exploration & Education

Nathaniel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other medical complications that left him with physical limitations and non-verbal. To unlock his world, assistive technology was introduced to empower exploration and education. Learn how the critical collaboration between Blythedale Children’s Hospital and Mt. Pleasant Blythedale School helped bring fun, function, self-expression and endless opportunities to Nathaniel.

Tara's Triumph

Teen's Fierce Determination for Independence Drives Assistive Technology Training

Tara has cerebral palsy, but wants what any other teen wants... to spend time with friends and family, go to prom and graduate high school. With help from Blythedale's innovative Assistive Technology program, her dreams are becoming a reality. Learn how this former preemie triplet is gaining her independence and mobility, but on her own terms. 

Assistive Technology Keeps Nick on Top of his Game

Assistive Technology Keeps Nick on Top of his Game

17-year-old Nicholas has not let his diagnosed athetoid cerebral palsy and seizure disorder hold him back. The Ossining tenth-grader is an avid athlete who enjoys baseball, swimming and yoga; however, increased communication and academic demands began to pose a challenge for Nicholas. Almost a...


Hear My Voice, Watch Me Move

Assistive Technology and Children

A few days ago, the mother of a little girl who cannot speak, and has barely ever communicated, came out of our hospital's assistive technology area and began to weep. I approached her and asked if she was all right. She nodded vigorously through the tears and then looked up at me, smiling. "My daughter just told me she likes the color blue."