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Physical Therapy

Blythedale’s Physical Therapy Department provides therapeutic evaluations, screening and services to help restore function, improve ability, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of children recovering from injuries or a wide range of illnesses. 

Treatment plans often include exercise for patients who have been immobilized and lack flexibility, strength, or endurance. In addition, pediatric physical therapists promote development of normal components of movement and gross motor skills. 

Augmentative therapies provided by Blythedale’s Physical Therapy department include treatment and consultation in orthopedics, neuromuscular disorders, developmental delay and sports medicine, aquatic therapy, lower extremity orthotic fabrication, and durable medical equipment recommendations. 

Therapeutic interventions utilized within physical therapy include the Balance Master, Functional Electrical Stimulation such as the Motomed and the Walk Aide, and the Lite Gait. These interventions support each child’s customized treatment plan to allow each child to realize his or her potential, restore function and move forward.  Empowering families with knowledge and skills through ongoing education also enhances the rehabilitation process.

The Physical Therapy department is actively engaged in research with the use of the Walk Aide and nonprogressive neurological clients.

To make a referral for outpatient therapy services, please click here to download our referral form.

Contact Information:

  • Linda Fieback, P.T., M.A., P.C.S., Director of Physical Therapy
  • 914-592-7555 ext. 71727

Physical Therapy Staff


Tenacious Tasnim

Thirteen-year-old Tasnim moved to the United States from Bangladesh in 2015, and settled with her family in Brooklyn. She quickly acclimated to her new school - excelling in academics, playing on the volleyball team, and making many friends. When she began exhibiting flu-like symptoms, she visited the family physician. The last thing she recalls is speaking with the doctor before slipping into an unconscious state and waking up ten days later in a hospital bed, surrounded by machines.