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Blythedale’s expertise and resources provide medically fragile children with the best opportunities to maximize their potential and return to their families. To help children achieve this goal, the Hospital offers many services and programs to help children in all aspects of their recovery. Some of our key services and programs are highlighted below.


  1. Admissions

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    Our goal is to make the Admissions process as easy as possible for both the parent and the referrer. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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  2. Audiology

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    The Audiology Department in The Stavros Niarchos Center for Speech & Audiology strives to identify hearing loss and manage the hearing impaired inpatient and outpatient pediatric populations at Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

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  3. Clinical Nutrition

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    Blythedale Children's Hospital and its Clinical Nutrition Department provides the highest caliber of medical nutrition therapy with a patient-centered focus and quality-of-life approach.

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    • Tony Corda General Manager, Food and Nutrition/Environmental Services
    • (914) 592-7555 x 71546
  4. Health Home Care Management

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    Through the Health Home Serving Children program, we are able to bring our expertise in the comprehensive care of medically complex children and our knowledge of community resources to your home.

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    • Susan Murray, LCSW Vice President, Patient/Family Experience, Clinical Outreach, and Care Coordination
    • 914-831-2443
  5. Inpatient Hospital

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    Our modern inpatient Hospital features spacious patient rooms to accommodate the latest medical technology and accommodations for a parent to stay at the bedside.

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  6. Nursing

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    Using a family-centered approach, the nursing staff at Blythedale embraces not only the care of the medically complex child, but of their family as well. The skills and expertise of our nurses enable them to care for infants and children with a wide range of diagnoses and complicated medical conditions.

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    • Jill Wegener, MSN, RN Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer and Patient Care Services
  7. Occupational Therapy

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    The Occupational Therapy (OT) department provides specialized evaluation and treatment for children to develop or regain maximum independence in daily living skills and enhance participation in developmental and school activities.

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    • Julie Knitter, OTR Director of Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology
    • (914) 831-2503
  8. Outpatient Services

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    At Blythedale, our Outpatient Services provide our patients the opportunity to receive multiple comprehensive rehabilitation services all under one roof.

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  9. Parent and Family Education

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    At Blythedale, we recognize the challenges of learning to care for your child while in the hospital and at home. Blythedale offers tailored education and training from the support of many disciplines so families feel competent and confident bringing their medically fragile child home.

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    • Angela Brennan Larkin, MSN, RN Assistant Director of Child and Family Education
    • (914) 592-7555 x 71800
  10. Pediatrics

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    Blythedale Children's Hospital offers a depth of medical expertise and experience rivaled by few. Our medical staff includes pediatric specialists and sub-specialists who also serve on the faculties of almost every major teaching hospital in the New York metropolitan area.

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Customizing Care for Each Child

"At Blythedale, we pride ourselves on knowing what's best for the child." Chief Nursing Officer Jill Wegener explains that no care plan is one-size-fits all at Blythedale.