occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy (OT) department provides specialized evaluation and treatment for children to develop or regain maximum independence in daily living skills and enhance participation in developmental and school activities. 

Our experienced pediatric OTs are proficient in working with children ranging from medically fragile infants to teenagers recovering from traumatic injuries.  Our treatment sessions are child centered using a supportive and playful approach.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of child’s capabilities and needs
  • Establishment of individualized treatment plan in collaboration with caregivers
  • Treatment to regain or develop the skills necessary to achieve the highest level of function and independence
  • Collaboration with families and caregivers to adapt tasks, modify environments, or recommend equipment to maximize child's participation in daily activities
  • Recommendations for durable medical equipment needs (bath equipment, seating and positioning needs) through the Seating & Mobility Service

Areas of treatment may include:

  • Assistive technology
  • Cognitive rehabilitation/executive function skills
  • Computer access and written communication 
  • Developmental skills
  • Eye-hand coordination and visual-motor skills
  • Family and child education including home exercise and activity programs
  • Fine motor and upper extremity skills
  • Hand and upper extremity splints/orthotics
  • Intensive upper extremity program for children with hemiparesis (click here for more information and upcoming dates)
  • Rehabilitation technology including e-stim and motion sensor feedback devices
  • Self-care skills (dressing, hygiene)
  • Seating and Mobility Service
  • Wheelchair mobility skills (manual or power)

To make a referral for outpatient therapy services, please click here to download our referral form.

Contact Information:

Occupational Therapy Staff

Julie Knitter
Director of Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology

The occupational therapists at Blythedale Children’s Hospital are dedicated, accomplished professionals with specialized knowledge in pediatrics. They are passionate about providing the best possible care for each child so they can perform the tasks they want and need to do.   They work collaboratively with each child’s family and care team to build shared understanding of child’s abilities and needs, set child-centered goals, and provide training and education for carryover of skills.

hemiplegia center

Helping Hands

Children Gain Strength and Function in Summer Upper Extremity Program

For most children, summertime means no school, no classes and no teachers. But, for a small group of motivated youngsters at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, summer means something more. It means heading indoors, slipping on a special blue mitt and working hard to achieve new therapeutic goals. It means the start of the Upper Extremity Summer Program.