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Complex Chronic Conditions

As an expert in helping medically fragile children achieve their highest potential, Blythedale is well-suited to help transition a child with multiple complex chronic conditions from hospital to home.

Why Blythedale...

Blythedale is a center of excellence specializing in providing the highest level care to medically fragile children. Over our 130-year history, Blythedale has treated children with a wide range of medical complexities. Our vast experience sets us apart in the treatment of children with chronic complex conditions.

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Many children come to Blythedale with multiple, complex chronic conditions that impact their function. These chronic conditions - including cerebral palsy, CHARGE syndrome, congenital and chromosomal abnormalities, severe epilipsy - can complicate recovery after surgeries, acute illnesses or hospitalization.  Our interdisciplinary team includes experts in pediatrics, pediatric physiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, pediatric pulmonology, orthopedics and other medical specialists.  Blythedale also has the largest and most experienced hospital-based pediatric therapy department in New York State.

The goal is to help our patients maximize their functional abilities through comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation. The child’s team works with the family to identify important goals to improve function, foster independence in daily activities, and address the highly specific medical needs of children with multiple complex conditions. Blythedale's on-site,  state-of-the-art simulation lab serves as an important training center for parents and caregivers. Coordinated discharge planning provides families with supportive services to help our young patients return home.


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Complex Chronic Conditions Team

Ian Lara

Smiles for Ian

There’s a well-known saying, “Home is where the heart is.”
For the Lara family of the Bronx a big piece of their heart was at Blythedale Children’s Hospital. That’s where Ian, their nine-month-old son, has been a patient for more than three months.

Messiah Comes Home

Messiah Comes Home

“He is our first child, giving us a run for our money,” said Chappisha Morgan, smiling as she pulled a small shirt over her three-month-old son Messiah’s vertical chest scar. Messiah’s dad, Terrance Mackie, was packing up their belongings for a big family “first”. Their baby boy was going home. “We had a baby three months ago and he’s never been home,” Chappisha Morgan said. “That’s a big day for everybody.”


We really wanted him home but we knew the best option was to get him the help and treatment he needed, that’s why we chose Blythedale.

- Terrance Mackie, parent