Paying a Visit to Sesame Street

If you ever find yourself singing "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" (the theme song to the popular children's show), just ask 10-year-old Noor. The Blythedale Day Hospital patient was recently invited to appear on the hit show, along with her father. She had...


  • Assistive Technology
  • muscular dystrophy

Nicole's Miraculous Recovery

Driven Teen Battles Back from Cancer and Strokes
Nicole began her junior year at Greenwich High School with much to look forward to. An honors student and tri-varsity athlete, the vivacious teen was looking forward to learning to drive and prepping for college. A diagnosis of leukemia was not in the plans. Nonetheless, when she received the news...


  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Leukemia
  • Stroke
pulmonary hypertension

Arriyana Doesn't Let Pulmonary Hypertension Keep Her Down

16-month-old Ariyana was born at a mere 25-weeks gestation, weighing only 15 ounces. Her immediate medical needs were highly complex, given her extreme prematurity. She had several serious complications, including bronchopulmonary dysplasia and retinopathy of prematurity. She was also diagnosed...


  • Pulmonary Insufficiency
nick at

Assistive Technology Keeps Nick on Top of his Game

17-year-old Nicholas has not let his diagnosed athetoid cerebral palsy and seizure disorder hold him back. The Ossining tenth-grader is an avid athlete who enjoys baseball, swimming and yoga; however, increased communication and academic demands began to pose a challenge for Nicholas. Almost a...


  • Assistive Technology
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Bringing Emilie Back

Eight-year-old Emilie recognized recording artist and American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr. the moment he entered her room... but not for his musical prowess. Emilie was delighted to meet the star of one of her favorite movies, A Dolphin Tale . Emilie’s recall of the movie also marked...


  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Acquired Brain Injury

Mathew's Perfect Pitch

Thirteen-year-old Mathew was well-known as a baseball prodigy in the Little League community. A versatile player, the talented teen hit more than 70 home runs in one year alone. The road that led him to Blythedale is heart-breaking, but his tenacity and courage in the face of adversity has led to...


  • Severe Burns
cassias and Keaton

Kassius and Keaton's Journey Home

Twins Kassius and Keaton were born at just 30-weeks gestation. During the pregnancy, parents Krissy and Sam learned the boys were monochorionic/diamniotic identical twins, sharing a placenta, but not an amniotic sac. This put the boys at greater risk for significant complications. While Keaton...


  • Post Acute Neonatal Care
  • Extreme Prematurity

Messiah Comes Home

“He is our first child, giving us a run for our money,” said Chappisha Morgan, smiling as she pulled a small shirt over her three-month-old son Messiah’s vertical chest scar. Messiah’s dad, Terrance Mackie, was packing up their belongings for a big family “first...


  • Congenital heart disease

Helping Hands

Children Gain Strength and Function in Summer Upper Extremity Program
For most children, summertime means no school, no classes and no teachers. But, for a small group of motivated youngsters at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, summer means something more. It means heading indoors, slipping on a special blue mitt and working hard to achieve new therapeutic goals...

Visionary Valentino

Burke-Blythedale Pediatric Neuroscience Research Collaboration Sets Sights on Innovative Rehab Project
Electronic music is made for dancing, but for the vision research team of the Burke-Blythedale Pediatric Neuroscience Research Collaboration, plugging in and pumping up the volume is just part of the job when working with Valentino Guidi. Born a healthy baby in 2006, Valentino reached all the...


  • Acquired Brain Injury