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Exceptional Care, Extraordinary Outcomes

Exceptional Care, Extraordinary Outcomes

At Blythedale Children's Hospital, our outcomes truly do speak for themselves. Why does this matter to our families? Because we are experts at integrating second-to-none clinical expertise, education in our on-site school, and extensive parent training in order to get your child home. And nobody else does it as well as we do. It's just that simple.

91% Discharged Home

Despite significant medical conditions, nearly all of our children return to their families and communities.

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Referred directly from the ICU

We are proud to have the resources to admit patients directly from the ICU/NICU.

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24/7 Physician Coverage

Round the clock care by in-house pediatricians ensures the best possible care for your child.

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Blythedale Children's Hospital - Anything is Possible

Blythedale is proud to have been featured in Season 25 of the Visionaries, an award-winning documentary series that runs on public television. The episode features Blythedale's Post-NICU and Assistive Technology programs, as well as the Hospital's Public Policy and Advocacy work. Blythedale was selected from a large pool of impressive non-profits for profile in the series' 25th season, one in which the focus is on the provision of health care to vulnerable populations. 

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Our Services

At Blythedale, children and their families are at the heart of everything we do. And with more than 130 years of experience, we are a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative, multidisciplinary inpatient programs to help children with complex medical needs reach their maximum potential and return to their homes and families as soon as possible. Click each button to learn more about our unique and unparalleled care delivery system.

The Blythedale Connection

“The NICU nurses instilled in us that life was going to start once we got to Blythedale.”

Diana Vasquez

River's mom

respiratory therapist and baby

“Having a school onsite is really beneficial because it allows our patients to work with their therapists during sessions that are really focused on that cognitive rehabilitation piece, in addition to those motor skills that they are working on.”

Divya Lakhaney, MD

Unit Chief, The Robert Stone Day Hospital

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“When they showed me this part of the hospital, I loved that she had a roommate. They were able to bond and they got to go to school together and do activities together.”

Katherine Rivera

Maria's mom

Mom with young daughter in a hospital bed

“The job of a child is to go to school. We have afforded that opportunity to allow that sense of normalcy so that they can continue their journey of education.”

Emily Hersh, EdD

Superintendent, Mt. Pleasant Blythedale School

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“As a family, we are so hopeful for Milana's future. We see what she's capable of and know that she's going to reach her full potential because Blythedale's going to get her there. ”


Milana's mom

occupational therapist and child

“When kids as fragile as ours go home, they often have very complicated discharge plans. We help families through the transition and work to keep their kids out of the hospital. ”

Susan Murray, LCSW

Vice President, Patient/Family Experience, Clinical Outreach, and Care Coordination

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Stories & Outcomes

Going Home

Bringing your child home is no small feat when they're medically fragile, but with Blythedale's Parent and Family Education Program it's possible.

Bringing your child home is no small feat when they're medically fragile. No family ever thinks they will be in the position of caring for a child with complex medical needs, but Blythedale’s innovative Parent and Family Education Program divides what initially seems like an overwhelming learning...

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Aubrey's Fight Against Ependymoma

During a middle school volleyball practice last September, Aubrey fractured her right femur. As her condition continued to deteriorate, Aubrey's parents, Meghann and Joe, brought her to Maria Fareri Children's Hospital for a CT scan which revealed several tumors on her spine. A subsequent biopsy...

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Jonathan's Journey

A complex diagnosis improved through the efforts of an interdisciplinary team.

Blanca knows her son Jonathan is a strong fighter. Just three months into her pregnancy, Jonathan was diagnosed with aortic valve canal and trivial left and trivial right aortic valve regurgitation, pulmonary hypertension, intrauterine growth restriction, short limbs, hydronephrosis, and Trisomy 21...

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John's Brave Journey Back from Brain Injury

Two days after the start of third grade, John was at home playing video games with his dad. He suddenly screamed, “I can’t see!” and then began vomiting and went unconscious. The eight-year-old was rushed to an emergency room in Staten Island where a CT scan showed bleeding in his brain from a...

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Brandon's New Heart

Brandon is an 11-year-old who lets nothing slow him down - not even a heart transplant. He was born with multiple congenital heart defects, including heterotaxy, a rare condition which is characterized by septal defects and valve disorders, and an inability to productively return blood from the...

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Going Home

Parents with baby

Aubrey's Fight Against Ependymoma

photo of child in therapy village

Jonathan's Journey

Photo of Jonathan

John's Brave Journey Back from Brain Injury

Child with parents

Brandon's New Heart

Child in Therapy Village

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The Blythedale Difference

One of only 14 in the country, Blythedale is New York State’s only independent, specialty children’s hospital. Our caring and highly specialized staff is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of children with complex medical illnesses and conditions. Our Board Certified physicians, experienced nurses and supporting clinicians work with families to provide individualized, intensive and innovative medical and therapeutic care. Together with specialized school curricula and family support services, we help children achieve their rehabilitative goals and return to their communities.

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Providing exemplary patient care is central to everything we do. With more than 130 years of experience, Blythedale is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative, multidisciplinary inpatient programs. As one of only 14 specialty children’s hospitals in the United States, Blythedale has the combined staff, expertise and resources – including the largest pediatric therapy department in New York State – to provide exceptional comprehensive care for medically complex children and support for their families.

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Blythedale’s expertise and resources provide medically fragile children with the best opportunities to maximize their potential and return to their families. To help children achieve this goal, the Hospital offers many services and programs to help children in all aspects of their recovery.