We recently hosted a virtual premiere of a very special documentary, Blythedale Children's Hospital — Anything is Possible, produced by Visionaries, an award-winning documentary series that runs on public television. The episode, slated to run on PBS nationwide later this year, focuses on Blythedale's Post-NICU and Assistive Technology programs, as well as the Hospital's Public Policy and Advocacy work. Blythedale was selected from a large pool of impressive non-profits for profile in the series' 25th season, one in which the focus is on the provision of health care to vulnerable populations. 

The complex care and support that our patients need is expensive.  Insurance covers some of the costs but it is the generosity of people like you who ensure that our patients have the resources patients like Levi, Ramya, Zaire, and Emilie need to heal and reach their potential.  There are myriad ways to get involved, from volunteering to becoming a supporter of our life-changing programs. If you are inspired to learn more and to support the work of Blythedale Children’s Hospital,  please contact Lisa Koch (914) 831-2545 or lkoch@blythedale.org, or use the donation form below to make a gift to Blythedale.

Many thanks to our generous supporters!

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