Blythedale Advisory Council

The Blythedale Advisory Council is a non-governing committee comprised of young professionals who are committed to Blythedale’s mission and want to make a difference in the lives of children with complex medical conditions.

BAC committee evening gathering
Why Join the Blythedale Advisory Council?
  • Be ambassadors for Blythedale by introducing friends, family and colleagues to the Hospital
  • Participate in service projects with our young patients 
  • Advocate for an underserved community 
  • Make an impact on children 
  • Meet new people
  • Share your skills and expertise
  • Network with other like-minded professionals
  • Be part of a philanthropic movement 
  • Give back to Blythedale through fundraising and philanthropy to support programs and services

Last year, the Blythedale Advisory Council’s efforts raised more than $50,000 for the Parent & Family Education Program. Our customized multidisciplinary approach to caregiver education transforms an overwhelming learning curve into tiny steps for parents, helping them become confident and competent in the care of their medically complex child. Click here to watch Going Home, a short video on our specialized training program.

Current BAC Members

Julia Singer
Andrew Starker

Vice Chair
Anthony Sotirhos

Dylan Curry

Head of Marketing
Michelle Parinello

Head of Service Projects and Member Events
Vlora Sejdi

Head of Ambassadors
Andrew Starker

Blythedale Advisory Council Members
Gina Capotosto
Dylan Curran
Allie Farber
Cassie Fuhro 
Kristina Leitenberger
Lori Lynch
Michelle Parinello
Antonio Richardson
Vlora Sejdi
Julia Singer
Anthony G. Sotirhos
Andrew Starker

For more information about the Blythedale Advisory Council or ways to get involved, please contact Toni Marie Favata, Special Events Coordinator.