If you ever find yourself singing "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" (the theme song to the popular children's show), just ask 10-year-old Noor. The Blythedale Day Hospital patient was recently invited to appear on the hit show, along with her father. She had the opportunity to meet her favorite characters and spend the day on set learning how the show is produced.
Noor has been attending Blythedale's Day Hospital for three years, since her family moved to the US from Yemen. Noor has congenital muscular dystrophy and chronic scoliosis, and receives an intense regimen of physical and occupational therapy at Blythedale, while attending the Hospital's on-site school. She has made strong progress in her therapies despite her complicated diagnosis, and is working hard on ambulating short distances and controlling her power wheelchair. Noor faces upcoming surgery for her scoliosis, which currently limits her movement. 
Noor's younger sister, who shares the same diagnosis, also attends Blythedale's Day Hospital program. Noor is a bright and engaging girl who enjoys school immensely. She is even known to lend a hand in translating her native Arabic to fellow patients, when needed. 
While no air date has been set, we hope to have a viewing party to honor our star on her TV debut!



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