In addition to the child and their family, the our interdisciplinary team includes is comprised of occupational and physical therapists, vendors, and physiatrists (doctors of rehabilitative medicine).  Our lead therapists are certified Assistive Technology Practitioners (ATPs) and each have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in pediatric durable medical equipment.  Therapists work with durable medical equipment suppliers who assist with product specifications and attainment of durable medical equipment.   

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of a child’s capabilities, needs and potential to maximize function through use of durable medical equipment 
  • Collaborative decision making with child and caregivers to determine recommendation for durable equipment devices 
  • Pressure mapping, if needed, to assess pressure distribution for skin integrity andpositioning options for best method of pressure relief
  • Partnering with child, family, and team to maximize compatibility of assistive technology devices with durable medical equipment
  • Coordination and communication with referring physicians, suppliers, insurance companies/payors, and child/family from evaluation through delivery

For more information, please contact Tracy French, Assistive Technology Coordinator, at (914) 831-2453 or email to