John Balquin, BSN RN, received a DAISY Award for Exceptional Nurses at Blythedale Children’s Hospital for the Second quarter of 2020, on Wed, May 6th.  Balquin received the national award during a ceremony held at the Hospital, in recognition of his extraordinary patient care and dedication.

"Here at Blythedale, we work with some of the New York metropolitan area’s most medically complex and fragile children,” said Blythedale Children’s Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer, Jill M. Wegener, MSN, RN, CCRN.  "Providing comfort and compassion to these patients and their families, especially in their most vulnerable moments, is at the heart of nursing at Blythedale,” she said.  

Wegener led the ceremony and read excerpts from Balquin’s  nomination form, which was submitted by a family who described Balquin as "professional, kind and understanding".   He was also  praised for his punctuality in regards to his work duties, his ability to handle any situation and the level of care he provides to every patient.

In addition to the kind words of praise, Balquin received an "Exceptional Nurse” certificate from the DAISY Foundation, a daisy pin, and a small handcrafted "Healer’s Touch” sculpture made by Shona artisans in Zimbabwe.  The sculpture represents the importance of healers, and reflects the value placed on nurses by Blythedale, its patients and parents.

Registered nurses may be nominated for a DAlSY Award by staff, co-workers, patients or patients’ parents and family members. Winners are selected by a committee based on a list of criteria including compassionate caring, inspiration of others, resolution of patient care challenges, and establishing a caring presence and healing bond with the patient and family.