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Sudhin A. Shah, PhD

Scientific Director of Cognitive Recovery Research Program

Clinical Expertise/Special Interest:

Dr. Shah is a cognitive neuroscientist whose research program aims to identify the individual specific neurobiological changes that underlie specific cognitive impairments following injury and use the knowledge to create prognostic models that predict how cognitive ability will change with time after injury, track spontaneous and intervened recovery and inform therapeutic interventions that aim to reduce impairment.  Impaired integrative brain functions, particularly within the cognitive domains, such as the impaired ability to perceive, plan, reason and remember are the most common and debilitating consequences of acquired brain injury. At present we lack the ability to predict how cognitive impairment will evolve after injury, and lack the ability to effectively encourage it. Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide and is by nature heterogeneous; thus our inability to prognosticate or treat the resulting cognitive impairment represents a critical unmet medical need

Education & Training:

PhD, Systems Neuroscience, Cornell University 
MS, Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University 
BS, Electrical Engineering, Drexel University