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Blythedale Advisory Council

The Blythedale Advisory Council is non-governing committee is compromised of young professionals who are committed to Blythedale’s mission and want to make a difference in the lives of children with complex medical conditions.

The group serves three distinct purposes:
  • Be ambassadors for Blythedale by introducing friends, family and colleagues to the Hospital.
  • Participate in service projects with our young patients.
  • Give back to Blythedale through philanthropy and fundraising.

Current BAC members:
Jayme Baron
Ken Baron
Jared Bukzin
Jane Gelfand
Allie Farber
Alexandra Farbman
Ari Selman
Ben Shapiro

Blythedale Advisory Council Current Fundraising Project
Programs and Activities for Blythedale Patients:
Funds raised will be used to support therapeutic recreation programs which provide evening and weekend program activities for patients as well as bedside activities for those patients who are unable to leave their rooms. Activities could include yoga sessions for patients, art therapy, art supplies, music therapy, and staff to oversee performances and entertainment. Below are some of the programs that help promote healing for our patients and their families. All of these programs costs range from $1,000 - $3,000:

Yoga Sessions - Usually used for younger patients
Art Therapy - Patients of all ages
Music Therapy - Primarily used for patients who are unable to leave their rooms
Pet Therapy - Patients of all ages 
Performances/Entertainment - Dance and Theatre Companies that provide entertainment for our patients on the weekends. Funds raised pay for the programs as well as staffing for the events

For more information about the Blythedale Advisory Council or ways to get involved, please contact Allison Egan 914-831-2513 or email her at


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