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Blythedale is New York State’s only independent, specialty children’s hospital dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of children with complex medical illnesses and conditions. Our Board Certified physicians, experienced nurses and supporting clinicians work with families to provide individualized, intensive and innovative medical and therapeutic care. Together with specialized school curricula and family support services, we help children achieve their rehabilitative goals and return to their communities.

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16-month-old Ariyana was born at a mere 25-weeks...
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Experts in Ventilator Weaning

Experts in Ventilator Weaning
Blythedale’s Ventilator Weaning Program is widely recognized as a national center of excellence due to the Hospital’s extraordinary success in weaning fragile infants and children from the technology previously needed to sustain their lives. 

New Day Hospital Opens

New Day Hospital Opens
Blythedale  offers a specialty outpatient Day Hospital Program for children who are able to live at home, but still require a level of medical and/or rehabilitative care that cannot be met by their school or outpatient program. 

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