Can't think of an idea? Take a look at some ideas below and feel free to borrow...

Bake Sales – A great way to share your baking skills with your community and raise money while you’re at it!
Car Washes – Grab some buckets and sponges, and you’re on your way!
House Parties – You live in a castle... Show it off! Ask folks to bring their checkbooks!
Delectable Dinners – Make it a dream meal. Food is love. Turn love into money.
Bingo – Get some Dab-A-Dots and ask guests to pay a buck (or more) for each card. 
Collect Change or Recycle Cans - This is a great way to involve your kids and their schools.
Book Sale – Have a used book sale at work. A buck a book.
Yard Sales – Haven’t you been wanting to clear out that garage or open the closet door without stuff falling out? Get the neighborhood to contribute their "stuff” too. Call a planner if you don’t want to do the preparations.
An Evening Out – Have folks meet you at your favorite restaurant and leave a tip for Blythedale.
Personal Shopper – Charge your friends to do their birthday, bar mitzvah, wedding, holiday, or whatever shopping.
Game Nights – Put your drama to good use in charades or Pictionary. Show off your intelligence with Cranium or Trivial Pursuit. Show you are trustworthy with poker. People can ante up to play or make a single donation.
Karaoke – Do it at home. Do it at a bar. Ask for donations per song or bet people to get up on stage and let loose!
Holiday Costume Parties –Any holiday can be celebrated on any day of the year. We aren’t limited to enjoying roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving alone. Take donations at the door.
A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You! – Why settle for celebrating your life once each year? Get more out of aging by having a party on your half-birthday, or thereabouts. Ask that your birthday gift be a check to Blythedale.
Benefit Concerts - Know someone with talent that others would pay to hear? Venue +sound system + tickets + performer(s) = Benefit Concert. Some coffee shops and restaurants will help set you up.
Wine Tastings – Why bother with Napa or Sonoma? Dust off those special bottles in your cellar. Ask for donations or auction off bottles that folks like the most. 
Chocolate Tastings – Try sampling chocolates from great chocolateers. You can even buy pre-made selections from online companies.
TV Marathons – Whether it’s Game of Thrones, The Wire, 24 or Lost. Rent (or borrow) DVDs and pop some popcorn – it’s a cheap way to stir up old memories and share in making new ones. Ask for a donation at the door.
Themed Dinner Parties – You can’t go wrong here. These bring out memories and all the nasty foods that we still secretly love - break out the foil tv dinners and cheez whiz. If you pick the 70s, you can even bring back the mullet.
A-thons - Bowl, skate, or dance the night away. Winners get fame. Blythedale gets pledges. Have people sponsor those participating to bring out your friends competitive side. 
Block Parties – Involve your neighbors. You’ll become a legend in the ‘hood.
Treasure Hunt – For you geographically inclined and Sherlock Holmes types, design a clever course. Charge an entrance fee. There are guides to setting up a treasure hunt on the web. Google it.
Junior Prom – Organize a Junior Prom party for all your friends who bagged that event in high school. Appropriate attire required. And don’t forget to crown the King and Queen!

These are just a few of the many creative ways you can help the children at Blythedale.  Feel free to share your ideas and successes with us!