Vision Recovery Program

Visual Assessment in Brain Injured Children
We have created a computer-based system that measures vision using a portable computer and an eye tracker. We use this system to determine thresholds of visual ability, which has been difficulty in children with low vision due to brain injury. 
Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Brain injury that might produce vision problems
  2. Able to follow an object smoothly with eyes 

For more information, please contact: Scott Mooney, Ph.D. at


Cognitive Recovery Program

Neurophysiological Studies of Cognitive Function After Severe Brain Injury
Following severe Traumatic Brain Injury, it is difficult to assess neurological function and it is nearly impossible to predict recovery. We have created a system that uses to measure brain responses in children with disordered consciousness or confusion following all different kinds of brain injuries in order to better assess neurological function. 
Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Brain injury with resulting impairment in arousal or thinking.

For more information, please contact Sophie Nowak, B.A. at (914) 592-7555, ext. 71383 or