As Americans gain a more nuanced understanding of how the body’s systems are interconnected and recognize the strong, reciprocal relationships between gut health, inflammation, mental and physical illness affected by lifestyle habits, we see a growing number of consumers becoming hyper-focused on taking care of their physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Learn the top five welnness trends on the horizon for 2019:

1) Simple Daily Rituals
People are longing for ways to connect with the world, each other and themselves in meaningful ways. As such, there is a movement towards creating simple daily rituals and unplugging.  Carving out small bouts of time from our hectic daily lives for simple rituals may be the luxuries of 2019.  Whether it is taking a relaxing aromatherapy bath, sipping a daily cup of “golden milk”, or lighting a candle to soothe us after work, curating these low-cost moments helps us pause, destress and engage in some self-love.

2) Digital Detoxes
Unplugging, even for short periods of time, pays big dividends by helping us and our limit or manage the overwhelming and stressful barrage of digital content we consume daily. As more humans continue to burn out from devices, the market for “getting away from it all” is beginning to widen.  Lifestyle choices centered on disconnecting will regain popularity.  Digital Detoxing already seem to be among the buzzwords of 2019, along with “off the grid,” back to nature family-friendly getaways.

3) Conscious Movement
Recent scientific reports indicate that even a high-intensity, hour-long daily workout cannot offset the negative health consequences related to long bouts of daily sitting is causing Americans to rethink their daily movement habits.  As such we can expect more focus on increasing natural human activities or NEAT activities.  For the multi-taskers looking for more ways to get their Zen on, active meditations aka “conscious movement” which are physical workouts that also tap into the emotional and mindfulness zones are entering the fitness scene.  The integration of conscious movement is moving beyond the yoga class and into a surprising array of physical activities and programs.   

4) Wellness Communities
The intentional merging of wellness efforts is well underway as Wellness Centers pop up across the nation at a steady rate. These one-stop, multi-modality centers are gaining popularity due to the easy access of numerous holistic health services in one place, but equally or more important they inherently create like-minded communities to feed our social needs—and perhaps offer another space to disconnect and engage in self-care rituals. 

5) Intuitive Clean Eating
The mindfulness and back to nature themes can also be seen in the food world with continued growth in the movement towards intuitive, whole-foods eating.  Consumers are putting more value on what goes into the food they eat than on the calories.  Clean label, plant-based and sustainable foods will dominate the plate in 2019.