In fact, youth and teen volunteering activities have been linked to major positive outcomes including improved grades, reduced substance usage, boosted self-esteem and feelings of belonging.

A strong sense of belonging to a group improves mental health by making young people feel valued and more receptive to guidance and support from a variety of community members.  Volunteering also helps foster confidence, personal responsibility, social skills and teamwork.  Positive experiences and success related to volunteering activities strengthen the desire to learn and achieve. 

Amazingly, the positive effects aren’t just short-term wellness boosts, but have been shown to lower rates of depression and anxiety and improve overall well-being and life satisfaction for years to come.

All children must be given opportunities to develop abilities for being generous. In helping others, kids (and adults) create their own proof of worthiness and learn the power of making positive contributions to the world.

Don’t we want all children to feel worthy and experience the positive value of caring for others?


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