The five basic principles of yoga are relaxation, exercise, breathing, diet and positive thinking/meditation.  All these principles help to raise awareness of how our body and mind feel, both during and outside the times of practice. 

And practice, we should!  According to the Yoga Alliance Foundation there is a long list of benefits that hold great potential in offsetting the many conditions that plague Americans. 
Current research suggests, through breathing techniques, postures and meditations, a yoga practice has the potential to:

  • Reduce stress, tension and pain
  • Increase flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improve weight management and cardiovascular health
  • Decrease periods of depression, anxiety and rumination
  • Impart greater inner peace
  • Increase self-regulation (the ability to manage one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors)
  • Improve learning, concentration, memory and goal attainment

It’s no wonder why a growing number of schools are replacing detention and office referrals with yoga as well as building it into their classroom strategies and curriculums. Yoga provides us with the awareness and the skills to positively attend to the stressors that knock us off balance, so we can maintain adherence to our daily and overall life goals and intentions. 

We can implement the practice at any time, in any place, in any condition and just about any age. While there are benefits to engaging with mindful communities, we don’t need expensive, fancy yoga studios to participate in the practice. For newbies, there is no shortage of resources to get us started—from free Apps to Youtube videos to a growing number of free or affordable community classes. 


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