So, want to indulge without the bulge?

Marie Roth, registered dietitian for Blythedale Children’s Hospital & Kohl’s Eat Well, Be Well Program, offers "5 Healthy Hacks to Halt Holiday Weight Gain":

1) Allow indulgences, but limit them
Sample only what you will most enjoy or those traditional dishes that make the holidays so special-- and savor every bite—don’t just mindlessly devour them. 
Have a plan for your strongest temptations and stick to it.

2) Choose smaller plates
This simple swap tends to reduce portion sizes and total consumption by 30%.

3) Be mindful.
Remember, enjoying extra treats and sweets may require you to reduce your caloric intake elsewhere or burn extra calories.

4) Avoid the “snowball effect”.
Don’t let the occasional slip up lead to abandoning healthy habits throughout the entire season. 

5) Manage stress.
Spikes in stress hormones can lead to weight gain. Learn to say no, get plenty of sleep and practice self-care to reduce stress and focus on what the holidays are truly about.


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Blythedale Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Eat Well, Be Well Nutrition Outreach Program.
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