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  • Medicaid and SCHIP:
    Blythedale will be vigilant in its efforts to protect Medicaid and State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) funding, benefits and eligibility for children at the federal and state levels.  Blythedale will work with other child advocates to expand eligibility levels and the range of services covered under the State Child Health Insurance Program in order to cover more uninsured children and provide a more comprehensive benefit package for children with special health care needs who are otherwise uninsured.


  • Continuing Care for Medically Fragile Children:
    It is critical that pediatric long term and home health care services be developed in New York State to meet the needs of children who are unable to return home when they no longer require hospital care.  Each year many of these children are sent to nursing homes outside of New York for lack of these services in the metropolitan New York area.


  • Pediatric Graduate Medical Education (GME):
    Blythedale will continue to work with the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and with our federal representatives to assure full funding of the Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education program, the only program targeted to supporting the graduate training of pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists in children’s hospitals.


  • Public Health Protections for Children:
    A key element of Blythedale’s mission is to advocate for the general well-being of children, particularly public health protections at the federal, State and local level.  Blythedale will continue to work with local and statewide coalitions through the Safe Kids Program to advocate for measures which promote proven public health safety initiatives.


  • Prevention and Detection of Child Abuse and Neglect: 
    Blythedale will continue to use its special expertise to develop programs to prevent and detect child abuse and neglect, and advocate for adequate federal, state and local funding to address this issue.


  • Rebalancing Market Forces and Health Care Reinvestment:
    Blythedale will work with the NorMet Hospital Association, the Westchester County Association and State and Federal officials to tighten the prompt payment law and to promote reinvestment in the health care system.
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Twins Kassius and Keaton were born in June, 2015, at just 30-weeks gestation
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