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Overview of Hospital Amenities

With an average patient stay of 50 days, parents and family members spend a lot of time with us at Blythedale. We have a number of amenities to address many of your needs throughout your child’s stay.

Blythedale Children’s Hospital has a new, 56,000 square-foot inpatient facility. The new building includes a Family Resource Center to address many of your (and your family’s) needs and act as a special place of respite and support. The Center includes:

Kitchen & Dining Area.  You may prepare small meals or snacks to enjoy with your family in the Kitchen and Dining Area. Preparing a meal can be a stress-relieving activity, helping you create a feeling of home and a sense of normalcy during your child’s hospitalization.

Playroom. This dedicated space for younger visitors offers a variety of toys, books and activities for children.

Living Room. The Living Room in the Family Resource Center serves as a family room away from home, where families can watch television together or siblings can tackle homework while visiting Blythedale.

Library/Resource Center. With a small medical library, wireless Internet access and computers, you can stay connected to work and other family members while you are attending to your child at Blythedale. Here you can learn more about your child’s condition or treatments and become a more confident caregiver.

Meditation Room. This quiet place is perfect for taking a few moments to reflect and breathe.

On each unit of the new inpatient building, there are small respite areas that will be helpful to you. In the Parent Alcoves, you can get a cup of coffee right on your child’s unit. Each unit also has a separate, small kitchenette for preparing a light snack while you are visiting your child.

Our cafeteria offers a variety of healthy meal options for you during the week, including evening and weekend service through our meal program. Please ask your social worker or a member of the Nursing staff for more information about the meal program. To explore other dining options in Valhalla and nearby White Plains, please visit our listing of local resources.

We encourage you to take advantage of these amenities during your stay. It is very important for parents and caregivers of a hospitalized child to take care of their own needs and take a break once in a while. It is not selfish, and makes you better able to manage stress.

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