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Parent/Caregiver Training

At Blythedale, we are committed to providing parents with the educational training and support needed to become confident caregivers for a child with complex medical needs. Caregiver training at Blythedale involves staff at all levels from virtually every department in the Hospital, from Nursing and Respiratory Therapy to Social Work. Parents receive training in managing a child’s condition or medical equipment. If a child relies on medical technology, such as a ventilator, our staff engages parents in a thorough program of education -beginning from day one - so parents become confident and adept in all aspects of equipment use, from general operations to cleaning and maintenance.

Prior to discharge, all parents and caregivers must demonstrate verbal understanding and skill proficiency in all aspects of training related to their child’s care.
Examples of Training for Caregivers at Blythedale
Training Provided by Blythedale Staff
Respiratory equipment training, including nebulizer, suction, oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, portable oxygen tank, CPAP and BiPAP machines and air compressor. Pulmonologists, Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, Pharmacists (for medicine used with nebulizers, for example). Social Workers can help families access vendors for durable medical equipment
Respiratory equipment - Ventilator Operation - Patients include premature infants, spinal cord injury patients, traumatic/acquired brain injury patients). Respiratory Therapists, Nurses
Medicine administration, including positioning the child, proper administration techniques and protocols Physicians, Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, Nurses
CPR - all caregivers of tracheotomy, ventilator and cardiac patients must complete before discharge Nursing, Respiratory Therapists
General Care, such as diapering, bathing, skin care, etc. for parents of infant patients and patients who require assistance in all activities of daily living. Nurses, Nursing Assistants
Central Line Care & Education - PICC lines, multiple access lines, ports, etc.
Nurses, Physicians
Therapy Goals and Practice, including movement, positions, exercises to practice at home. Given by individual therapies:
Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Respiratory Therapy
Trachestomy and collar care - general and daily care such as changing ties, removal and replacement of tubes, changing tubes and suction, care of incision site. Nurses, Respiratory Therapists
Gastrostomy (GT) Feeding/Medication - GT tube inserted into the abdomen and used for food, medication, venting air and drainage. Physicians, Nurses, Feeding Therapists (Speech or Occupational Therapists), Dietitian
Gastrostomy (GT) Site Care - dressing, changing tube and disc at skin surface.
Physicians, Nurses
Nasogastric (NG) Tube Use and Care - NG tube is inserted through the nose, down the esophagus and into the stomach, for feeding/providing nutrition. Training includes feeding and maintenance of the tubing and supplies.
Nurses, Physicians
Jejunostomy (JT) Feeding/Medication - JT tube inserted through abdomen into second part of small intestine for feeding/providing nutrition.
Physicians, Nurses, Feeding Therapists
JT Site Care - dressing, tube and disc at skin surface.
Nurses, Physicians
Gastrostomy-Jejunostomy (GJ) - Use and Care of tubes inserted for feeding & medication dispensed into stomach and small intestine, depending on patient needs. Includes care of site, port and tubing.
Nurses, Physicians
Car Seat Installation - Infant, front facing, booster seats and special needs car seats. BCH has staff specially certified in installation, particularly for special needs car seats: Transportation Coordinator in Social Work, Infant Developmental Specialist, Physical Therapist, Injury Prevention Specialist
Braces, Orthotics, Wheelchairs and Walkers - fitting, repair, care.
Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation), Physical & Occupational Therapists, Equipment Clinic Specialists
Helmet fitting - for daily wear and recreation.
Injury Prevention Specialists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists
Accessing Government and Community Services/Programs, such as Early Intervention services, finding appropriate special education school placements.
Social Workers, Discharge Planning Nurse
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