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Turning the Dog Days Into the Holidays at Blythedale


For one community group, the spirit of charity and generosity doesn’t take a summer vacation.

The Men's Club from Sts. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church in Mount Vernon, NY held a "Christmas in July” month-long toy drive for the children of Blythedale Children’s Hospital. During the drive, parishioners of the 83-year old Catholic Church donated toys to delight children of all ages.

"Thanks to our Spiritual Affairs Chairperson, Tom Benichasa, who presented the Blythedale Toy Drive to our membership, we unanimously agreed that this is a program we wanted to move forward with because everyone knows of the good work done by Blythedale and especially saw how aligned this program is with our values of loving one another,” said Peter Plati, President of The Men’s Club.

In August, representatives of The Men’s Club delivered the toys—from classic infant toys and art supplies to board games and puzzles—to the Hospital. The games and toys will be enjoyed by patients, and their families in the Hospital’s new Family Resource Center.

"We are so touched by the generosity of The Men’s Club,” said Lena Cavanna, Blythedale’s Director of Community Relations. "This toy drive was a special and unique endeavor and will bring so much joy to our patients, and siblings who play in the Family Resource Center Playroom.”

Pictured from left, Anthony Plati, Christopher Plati and Tom Benichasa, representatives of The Men’s Club of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Mount Vernon, pose in the lobby of Blythedale Children’s Hospital with some of the toys donated by parishioners during the "Christmas in July” toy drive.
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