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People You'll Meet

When you come to Blythedale, you’ll meet a lot of new people who will work with you and your family to help you feel better. Here, we’ll explain who you might meet during your time at the Hospital and what they do for kids like you.

Everyone - including you and your family - works together as one big team with the goal of helping you feel better and return home as soon as possible. If you or your parents ever have any questions, you can always ask a member of your team. You can also write your questions down, so you don’t forget.

You’ll probably work with a few doctors when you’re here. We have a lot of doctors at Blythedale who all specialize in different parts of the body. You might see a physiatrist, who is a nerve, muscle and bone doctor, or a neurologist, who knows a lot about your brain.

There will probably be different nurses who work with you at Blythedale. Our nurses know a lot about taking care of kids and they are happy to answer questions for you or your parents or to make you more comfortable. Nurses take turns working on your unit, so that there’s always someone here for you.

At Blythedale, we have a lot of pediatric therapists who work with you to achieve different goals. A physical therapist works with you to move your body better, like helping your knee bend like it should after a surgery, or work on your balance when you walk. Your occupational therapist will help you accomplish things you need to do in everyday life, like type on a computer or use scissors better if you’ve hurt your hand. Speech therapists help you process and share information. They can help you remember how to tell a story, or tell someone what you need. Respiratory therapists help people with breathing problems.

Some kids work with a Child Life specialist at Blythedale. They help kids feel less scared about being in the hospital. You’ll also have a new teacher when you come to Blythedale and take classes at the Mount Pleasant Blythedale School, which is attached to the Hospital.

You’ll also meet a social worker when you come to Blythedale. Your social worker will help you adjust to the Hospital and get to know all the new people on your treatment team. They will work especially with you and your family to make sure that you are comfortable and help you solve problems. Your social worker will also work with you and your parents to make a plan to help you return home soon.

Everyone at Blythedale wants you to feel better. If you have any questions, you can always ask a member of your treatment team or your social worker. We’re all working together for you!

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