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EEG Technician

Part-time employment: 4 to 6 hours per week, but hours may increase or decrease with case load.

Necessary skills:

Ø     extensive pediatric experience in performing routine EEG as well as  long term monitoring studies, collodion application

Ø     experience with digital EEG

Ø     flexible scheduling capabilities

Ø     3 years of EEG Tech experience or certification  R.EEGT (preferred)

Ø     skills to train nurses / nursing assistants for EEG related activities such as removal of electrodes at the end of the study, closing down the EEG machine / study after an overnight recording, cleaning and storing the EEG electrodes / use of the event markers and logs

Ø     good interpersonal skills to facilitate working with nursing staff, physicians, and families

Ø     Preferred:

o        certification in EEG technology (R.EEGT)

o        bilingual, especially English/Spanish

o        experience with sleep studies

We would expect our techs to

Ø     have periodic meetings with the neurologist to review records and for continuing education

Ø     participate in 1 continuing education course at least every 24 months

Ø     complete TCI (therapeutic crisis intervention) training within 3 months of employment (The TCI training will be offered at Blythedale to the EEG Tech without charge)

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