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4/24/14 -- Blythedale Expansion


Crain's Health Pulse -- Blythedale Children’s Hospital filed a certificate-of-need application last month build a 24-bed pediatric long-term care unit. The pediatric ventilator-dependent nursing-home project would cost $12.5 million. Blythedale plans to fund the construction with cash instead of financing. The unit will be located in an area that was vacated in 2012 when Blythedale opened an 86-bed inpatient wing at its Valhalla campus. The proposed facility will house 11 double-bedded rooms and two private ones. All the rooms will have piped-in medical gases to meet the needs of children on respiratory support. The hospital specializes in providing short-term ventilator-dependent care for children and weans many of them from needing a ventilator. Some 85% of Blythedale’s discharged children can return home, but for a variety of reasons, some 50 to 60 kids annually cannot. About one-third of the children whom the hospital currently discharges to a long-term care facility are dependent on a ventilator, and about half of those kids are 2 or younger. Most ventilator-dependent children in the New York area who are discharged to a nursing home either head upstate or out of state, Blythedale said in its CON.

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