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Grateful Family Program

A way to say "thank you"
At Blythedale Children’s Hospital we are fortunate to have a caring staff of more than 250 individuals who work with our patients and their families every day. We are often asked by our families, "How can I express my gratitude to the employees who have made a difference for my child while being treated at Blythedale?”
One way to express your gratitude is to honor and recognize the caregivers who have made a difference for your child through our Grateful Family Program. This program allows grateful families and friends the opportunity to support patient services and programs at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, while recognizing the exemplary care received from a staff member at Blythedale.
Perhaps the caregiver was:
  • An outstanding physician
  • An extraordinary nurse
  • A supportive therapist
  • A caring volunteer
  • An attentive food service aid
  • A cheerful housekeeper
  • A helpful social worker
Words of gratitude from some of our families...
 "Only those at Blythedale who lived minute to minute with us, who took this child who literally couldn’t do anything and made her whole, who started as strangers and became a life-long part of our extended family, truly know how grateful we are to have our daughter back."
"Our therapist cared for our son like he was her own child. Her dedication and compassion were unparalleled.”
"Simply put, my medical team gave me back back my life.”
Hearing the words "thank you" is priceless to your physician, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals. We hope you take this opportunity to share your story about the Blythedale caregiver who meant so much to you and your child!
For more information or to make a gift, please contact Development Coordinator Teagan O'Connor at (914) 831-2545 or email her at
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