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Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well

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Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well nutrition classroom presentation
Blythedale Children’s Hospital, through the generosity of Kohl’s Department Stores, is proud to offer Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well, an innovative outreach program designed to bring health and nutrition education to schools throughout Westchester and Putnam counties. Through this program, Blythedale staff members teach healthy eating habits to children by providing curricula, training and educational tools to school districts throughout the area. The program provides general nutrition guidelines to students, parents and school faculty. Blythedale Children's Hospital offers experts in nutrition and health-education to speak with local parenting groups, PTAs and school personnel.
As diagnosed cases of pediatric obesity soar both nationally and regionally, Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well program has become highly sought after in Westchester and Putnam county schools. The program has reached more than 50,000 children, ages 5-11, in public schools throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties, as well as hundreds of educators and school nurses for grades K-5.
On the pages of this section, you'll find games and activities for kids to reinforce what they've learned in Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well presentations. Parents will find great information and strategies to help their families live healthier and more active lifestyles. Schools can learn about the benefits of the Blythedale and Kohl's Eat Well, Be Well  program for their students.

For more information, please contact the Hospital’s Director of Community Relations, Lena Cavanna, at (914) 831-2410 or

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