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Ways to Support Blythedale

Corporate & Foundation Grants

Financial support and venture philanthropy from private foundations and corporations are vital to furthering Blythedale’s mission.  Partnerships between Blythedale and private/corporate foundations are a true win-win situation:  grant funding supports programs that ensure all children receive the treatment and clinical service enhancements that maximize their chances for positive long-term outcomes, while our philanthropic partners also achieve their goals of impacting both an effective, efficient non-profit and the broader community. 
Blythedale welcomes support from private and corporate foundations for essential services including Child Life, the  Early  Childhood  Center, and mental health initiatives.  Blythedale has a growing Pediatric Research Institute that is actively seeking to collaborate with foundations for groundbreaking studies in pediatric healthcare and rehabilitative medicine.  Foundation support helps Blythedale to strengthen needy families whose children are our patients, providing targeted assistance and advocacy that prepare them for the many challenges ahead.  Foundation and corporate support also contributes to meeting Blythedale’s needs for capital improvements, equipment, and endowment that by extension will allow us to meet the needs of medically fragile children in the decades to come. 
For further information, please contact Director of Institutional Giving Ursula N. Embola, Ph.D. at 914-831-2440 or
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Twins Kassius and Keaton were born in June, 2015, at just 30-weeks gestation
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