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Complicated Trauma and Post-Surgical Orthopaedics

Blythedale, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services, offers a highly specialized, integrated approach to care for children with complex trauma and/or complicated orthopaedic surgery. Patients are admitted for acute medical and rehabilitative inpatient care following major trauma (e.g., head and spinal injuries, extensive soft tissue trauma/burns, vascular injuries, and major muscle or ligament injuries, amputation or fractures), and/or complicatedorthopaedic surgery (e.g., post extensive scoliosis surgery with internal fixation). Patients are offered an individualized rehabilitation program by an interdisciplinary team including experts in orthopaedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry/psychology, and other medical specialties, as well as the largest and most experienced pediatric therapy department in New York State. The goal is to help our patients recover and maximize their functional abilities, and minimize disability through comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation. Blythedale is a center of excellence in the management of surgical devices and drains, wounds, infection, and pain management.


Coordinated discharge planning enables children to return home faster and provides families with detailed information regarding follow-up care, equipment needs, and specialized accommodations. Blythedale is well-known for superior outcomes and the ability to help patients achieve their maximum potential and reach their treatment objectives.
  • Board-certified pediatricians 24/7, pediatric orthopaedic and rehabilitation specialists, and experienced nursing staff (75% R.N., and more than 85% on the Infant and Toddler Unit) skilled in wound and skin care, nutritional needs, and spasticity and pain management.
  • 85 full-time pediatric therapists (physical, occupational, speech pathology and feeding).
  • Family Resource Center provides parents and caregivers opportunities to access computers and resource materials on medical diagnoses and treatments, and support services.
  • On-site therapy pool for aquatic therapy sessions to improve range of motion, coordination, strengthening and conditioning.
  • Extensive experience treating rare orthopaedic conditions and syndromes with associated muscular and/or joint abnormalities.
  • Adaptive equipment clinic on-site, for transition from stretcher to adaptive wheelchair and specially trained seating and mobility specialists.
  • Advanced technology including pressure-mapping, ECUs (environmental control units), and partial body weight support system (to improve gait).
  • Child Life specialists, trained in pain and anxiety management.
  • On-site Prosthetic/Orthotic Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and prescription for a broad variety of devices.
  • School programming at the Mt. Pleasant Blythedale UFSD, the Hospital’s on-site K-12 public school district, to facilitate continued education during recovery.
  • Unique Day Hospital program for patients who need intensive rehabilitation and/or medical care.

On-Site Services and Support Areas:

• Pediatric Orthopaedics

• Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

• Pediatric Medicine

• Pediatric Nursing

• Pain Management

• Pediatric Occupational Therapy

• Pediatric Physical Therapy

• Pediatric Respiratory Therapy

• Speech Pathology and Feeding Therapy
Additional Specialty Support Areas Available:

• Child Neurology

• Pediatric Pulmonology

• Child Psychiatry and Psychology

• Additional consultative specialists as needed

Clinical Support Services

• Audiology

• Radiology

• Lab Services

• Social Work/Case Management

• Child Life

• Assistive Technology

• On-site Equipment Clinic

• Patient Advocacy


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